Revetment Mattress

We have been installing grout filled revetment mattress since 1990, and are well versed in all types of application.

We use UV stabilised industrial polyester cloth, and have all the equipment and machinery required to complete an installation. We can install to a prepared surface, or handle the entire process for you i.e. all contouring – compaction trenching and backfilling.

We have installed many revetment mattresses throughout New Zealand; from Manapouri tailrace portal in the South, to a Bay of Islands stream bank and foreshore in the North. We have also done extensive work around the Whanganui River to culverts and to repair the severe scouring and damage caused by flooding, and have a lot of involvement protecting the Vector gas pipe line where it is exposed in a water way or river crossing. Revetment mattresses perform very well in harsh environments.


Internationally we have installed 9000 square metres of revetment mattress down the side of the Pago Pago International Airport runway, two thirds of which was installed under water, as well as similar installations to man-made islands in Abu Dhabi.

Information about Revetment Mattress

Grout filled revetment mattress is a revetment only, and must be placed on a stable slope. Care should be taken that the revetment is trenched in at the top, bottom, and sides of the structure to prevent outflanking and/or undermining. It is recommend that each project involving water flow or wave action, should be specifically designed by a qualified hydraulic engineer, for the local site conditions i.e. Stream velocity or wave heights and ground conditions.

There are four basic types of revetment mattress:

  • Filter point (most commonly used)
  • Collapsible block
  • Uniform cross section
  • Growth mat

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